Joaquim Jofré went to Barcelona with the aim of becoming an expert in tailoring. Once he learned from the most prestigious tailors in the city, he decided to go to Reus, where he opened the first Jofré store. Pretty soon, the number of clients started to increase in a way that, in a few years, Jofré became a reference for the citizens of the city.

In Jofré Reus they made shirts and, soon, the clients started to come from Barcelona to make their shirts taylor made. Lots of distinguished politicians and cultural characters came to Reus to make their shirts in Jofré. In 1941, when the war ended, Joaquim Jofré Savé, opened in Reus the first centre of production of shirts with the aim to distribute them to different stores in Spain.

In 1967 Joaquim's son, also named Joaquim started to manage the Company and in 2005, his sons, Joaquim and Francesc Xavier, are the ones that manage the business nowadays. Actually, Jofré is more than a store. Its dynamism made Jofré import fashion products from all around the world, which were really new in the fashion industry. What truly identified Jofré since its beginning has been the endless search of the latest trends and the high quality of the products.

As a result of the hard work and the effort dedicated during more than 80 years, Jofré has nowadays 13 stores located in Spain and Belgium. Eventually, Jofré has been working to specialize its boutiques to different publics, with the aim to focus exclusively to the needs of each client.

From this idea emerged: “Jofré 20”, where you can find the last trends for young women, “Jofré nens”, for babies, and “Jofré teens”, for older boys and girls.